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The power of creating a wireless security system opens our eyes the advancements in wireless technology in order to couple with our needs as the world continues to evolve around us. Certified Security Link, LLC (CSL) now has the flexibility to place a wireless security/burglary monitoring device in any location of your home or business. This gives anyone the aptitude to protect and secure areas wires simply do not have the ability to reach.

CSL is an affiliate of Certified Fire Protection, Inc. which has been well renowned and committed to the Las Vegas community for over 38 years. Both companies are locally owned and managed. Certified Fire Protection, Inc. has always been built to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and commitment to all customers. You can expect the same standards from Certified Security Link.

CSL has been derived to continue to help you protect and monitor your most important assets. CSL has a host of wireless devices and packages suitable for any home, office or business. CSL has many products to secure your home from anything from a burglary to providing fire protection. The idea is to provide each customer with a piece of mind while they are in their businesses each day or in the comfort of their own residence.

As a Managing Member and CEO, Douglas Sartain firmly believes that having strong moral foundation, integrity, honor and commitment is the key to the success of CSL. Customer service is and always will be first and foremost of importance to Mr. Sartain. Doug believes in a community and in order to develop a community you must remain steadfast in your commitment to serve, honor and respect it. Mr. Sartain believes that mind frame will set the standard in the security industry just as it has done in fire protection.

At CSL, we understand that it is a very important decision when it comes to what security company and what security system to trust and choose. We have placed a strong value in having a high moral foundation in our company, upholding the utmost integrity, honoring every customer and dedicating ourselves to have an underlining commitment to link a trusted company with a trusted product.

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