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CSL now has the flexiblity to place a wireless monitoring device in any location of your home or business because of the advancement in wireless technology. This gives you the ability and piece of mind to protect and secure areas wires simply do not have the ability to reach.

residential security systems


The Residential systems includes individual homes, housing developments and condominiums. Residential security protects your most valuable assets, your family and loved ones. Statistics show that homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into as those that have a security system. They also help protect life and property hazards such as smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding to name a few. Investing into a trusted security system is just as important as the initial investment.

commercial security systems


Commercial/Industrial companies' needs go beyond the basic physical security system. Due to the variety and complexity of most commercial/industrial companies, the security system can go from simple to very complex. Most of these companies combine Access Control, Video surveillance, and Intrusion systems to have a complete solution for protecting their people and their assets. Fire protection is also a required part of the security and safety system found in Commercial/Industrial companies. There is a greater need for an evacuation plan in case of accidents, fire, spills, etc. Commercial/Industrial includes but is not limited to: Manufacturing, construction, commercial buildings, chemical plants and public utilities to name a few.

security systems for renters


Renters deserve the same piece of mind about their assets and investments. Typically, renters are subject to either find a rental property that has a security feature which you may be unfamiliar with or a rental property that will allow you to install one in their building. Our system is completely mobile so you can move the wireless devices with you as you grow and change. This is reassuring to know you have the ability to protect and secure your most valuable assets where ever you may move.

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